About Me...

Well, obviously I love photography, it’s why you’re reading this right now. I grew to love it because I enjoy finding the beauty in the small things, catching the love, and all the in between that we call life.

For me, life involves a lot of tea drinking and traveling as much as I can, usually to the mountains. I grew up in the Appalachians and the mountains have been the literal backdrop to my whole life and they’re a place I find solace. My husband and I got married in the Smokies, because if I haven’t mentioned it already, we love the mountains! Hiking in the mountains, camping in the mountains, staying in the (very well) heated cabins in the mountains, we’ll take them any and every way.

Oh, back to my hubby. I love him, like a lot. We’re kinda like high school sweethearts, except we both homeschooled and didn’t meet because of that so I guess just 16-year-old sweethearts? I guess? IDK. We’ve been in love for 5 years now and I’m still wondering how its been that long?!

I also have a cat named Lars that likes destroying all good things but he’s soft and sometimes cute so I love him anyways.

So yeah, I’m just an honest to God normal person who likes simple, naturey things and love. If you wanna find out more, feel free to stalk my various social media pages. I’m not super big on social media cause I mainly just keep to myself, but Lars regularly gets featured and you get to see photos of people in love so its not a total loss!

photo by Taylor Sanders