3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Wedding Day


You spend months planning your big day. From the big (finding a venue, finalizing your caterer, picking your photographer) to the small (making sure your candles are the right shade of white…oh wait that’s just me…). The last thing you want is to look back and wish things were a little different. I get it! It’s a ton of pressure to feel like things have to go perfectly, not even necessarily for other people, but just for yourself. But your wedding day doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be special to you, reflective of who you are as a couple, and celebrate all that good love you guys have!

We just had our 1st anniversary which got me thinking about our wedding day. I don’t regret anything (except maybe that we didn’t get married sooner!!!) but at the same time things were stressful and I really just wanted to be married so I didn’t worry too much about how things happened, just as long as they happened. That being said on reflection I’ve learned some things so here’s my sincere advice to all of you future and current brides to be.

I. Be true to yourselves!

There are SO many people I know who wish they had done things differently. Who wish they had eloped. Who wish their day reflected more of who they are as a couple. The reason behind this MOST of the time is because they were trying to make other people happy. I could go on a long rant about this particular topic but to keep it short and sweet in the nicest possible way: Your day. Your memories. Your decisions.

Elope on top of a mountain if that’s what you want. Keep the wedding small if you want. You don’t have to invite every extended family member if you don’t want that. Your special day should be special to you and your fiancé.

We got crepes right before our ceremony. We served pie instead of cake. We only invited our closest family and friends. We didn’t get introduced and dance our way into our reception. We did things that felt like us, and we didn’t do things out of obligation to people who’s memories it wouldn’t be.

Your memories = Your decision.

Doesn’t matter if you get married young, how much your well-meaning family wants to help, how bad they want your cousin’s great-aunt Suzie & her support poodle there. Your memories = Your decision. People who love and care for you will respect that over everything else.


II. Don’t stress!

Stress straight up ruins everything. Even if what is causing you stress is beyond your control, try to not get overwhelmed by it. There’s nothing worth your happiness. Things not going according to plan. Details not being exactly how you wanted. Family members losing their mind. (Honestly, weddings seem to either bring out the best or worst in people.) No matter what comes your way I promise you it’s not worth the stress.

Focus on you & your fiancé’s happens and let all the rest of it go!

Real life example: I have a whole arsenal of stories I could use, but this is my favorite. The day of the wedding we got my bouquet out of the fridge and the worst (in my mind at the time) happened…my flowers were starting to droop!!! I definitely stressed over that way more than I should have, worried that everyone was going to notice, and that you could tell in all my photos. Looking back on it now, though, it makes me laugh. It’s so typical that would happen to me. C’est la vie. What sticks out in my mind even more than that memory, though, is how special that bouquet was. My dad took care of the whole flower process for me. I gave him a general idea of what I wanted and he made it happen for me. He also made sure the florist included pine from our pine trees for a sweet extra touch.

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. The people you love and who love you! Don’t let anything or anyone ruin that for you! If you’re one of my brides I promise I will do all I can and go the extra mile to make sure I don’t add any stress and help with any hiccups on your wedding day!


III. Take some time for just the two of you!

We did a first look and I am so glad we did!!! It was very short cause we were on a little bit of a time crunch but even just a few minutes before the whole wedding day really got started was SO worth it!

The whole reason a wedding is happening is because of your love so don’t by accident neglect that. It’s so easy for things to get hectic and you end up not having 2 seconds for just you so by planning it in a ahead time you can avoid that happening!

Trust me, everyone says your wedding day will fly by and honesty, it’s probably the most accurate thing they could say!

If a first look isn’t your thing, just taking some time after your ceremony to be together just you two is so important so you can just soak in how you’re feeling and get to share that as a couple.

There we have it! All the things I had to learn…but now you sweet brides don’t have to!!!

All the love & happy planning,


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