A Cup of Tea & A Bit About Me

Hey friend! 

I’ve decided that for my first blog post I’m gonna tell you a little about me. I’m not just a insta account & I’m not just a photographer. Also since, all great friendships are made from two people communicating I hope everyone will share some things about themselves with me! I wanna get to know my followers better and build a real community with you guys. That’s what it’s really about to me. Not how many likes I get. Not how many followers I have. I just wanna have a little space to share my work and feelings & connect with the people that happen to like what I do and feel the same. So if you want to go ahead and sit back, drink some tea (or coffee if it’s more your thing), celebrate that it’s finally fall, and I’m gonna tell you some of the most important things about me. 

1.) INFP

Quite honestly this is one of the most important things a person could know about me. I don’t actually share it much and I’m not exactly sure why I don’t, but the cliff notes of who I am is found in the definition of a INFP. 

If you don’t wanna Pinterest search it let me share some highlights of that personality type:

(I)ntroverted = energized by quiet time alone. 

I actually feel like I’m losing my mind a little if I’m around people too long. It’s seriously nothing personal. I just get overwhelmed & need time to recharge. Recently, it’s been something I have to push past a little as a photographer which generally would be really difficult but because I really love what I do it’s been easier than I expected it to be. I’ve actually really enjoyed having a reason to step outside of my comfort zones. 

I(N)tuitive = sees patterns & possibilities. 

I find almost nothing impossible. If you want something bad enough I feel like you can make it happen. SO if you need a pep talk so you can accomplish whatever your thing is then slide into my DM’s and we’ll make it happen!!!

(F)eeling = prioritize people & emotions. 

One of my greatest joys is doing things for other people. Which is strongly fueled by emotions because I love making people happy. It makes me super happy. On the flip side though I also just like feeling emotions in general which means if I’m sad or upset I generally wallow in it for a good bit (i.e. listening to sappy music while driving on backroads & watching sad movies just to cry.) I also get sad if other people are sad. All the feels. All the time. I used to be obsessed with the quote “better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all” by Tennyson if that gives you any idea of the spectrum of sappy I am on. However, another part of my personality means people usually have no idea I’m emotional person. In fact I think most people think I’m pretty void of emotion just because I don’t really talk about how I feel. 

(P)erceiving = prefers freedom & flexibility. 

10/10 the most chill person you will ever meet. I literally don’t care what we do. I’m fine with sitting on the couch talking or watching a movie. If you wanna go on a hike then let’s take a hike! I really love just going with the flow and doing things because you wanna do them in the moment. That’s one reason I love photography so much is because I have the freedom to create a business how I want it & the flexibility to work on a schedule that works for me and my life. 

If you wanna understand the INFP life more seriously go on Pinterest and search it because there are some memes & quotes on there that are pure gold. 

2.) I love to write & draw. 

I love all the creative things. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at all the creative things but I do enjoy them. I used to get out of gym class to write books & poems. I kept most of them and they’re all like 63% complete and will probably never get completed. I also really love to sketch to relieve stress.  

3.) I love my family to death 💜

My hubby, parents, and brother are way more than just family. They’re all my best friends. The past few years have been a whirlwind and it made me realize just how much they all do for me 💜 They’re my biggest supporters & I’m so appreciative and glad I have all of them. Also they’re like kinda cool?? But also the biggest dorks on the planet. Love y’all 🤟🏻 

4.) I’m technically bilingual. 

I’m laughing a little as I type this because I feel like I have soooo much more to learn but I started learning American Sign Language when I was 15. Which I just counted and that was almost 5 years ago?!? What the what. However, I wasn’t completely immersed in the language and around it all the time until almost 3 years ago. My hubby would say I’m fluent and I would say I’m getting there. He however is amazing and actually works as a interpreter. If I was gonna be jealous of anything about him it would either be the fact that he’s a super skilled signer or that he could literally eat burgers 24/7 and never gain any weight. Maybe both. Probably both. 

5.) I really love my job. 

Let me be clear. I chose the harder route.  Earlier this year when I decided to jump head first into launching my business I didn’t realize just what all went into it. It’s a lot easier to have work that you can leave at work. It takes a lot of money, time, & energy to start photography. It takes even more of those things if you really want to be successful at it. I put a ton of thought into how I want to run my business and making the process as simple as I can for my clients. I spend a lot of late nights editing and researching. I’m constantly pushing myself and learning new things. I had to learn things that have nothing to do with actual photography to make this work. Why? I don’t see what I do as just art. It’s also not just business. If was just one of either of those things it wouldn’t be about my clients. Everything I do behind the scenes is so I can constantly be improving your experience as a client. It’s not about me with my work. Sure, it works out well for me, how could it not? It’s a flexible job doing what I love and I happen to really like what I create. It enables me to do other things that I love. But at the end of the day, it’s about capturing the moments my clients want captured and making sure I do the best I can do to make sure that happens. It’s about who you really & truly are as a couple, family, new parents, etc. It’s not my vision. It’s not me manipulating and posing you to appear a certain way. We 100% should vibe well and in general make sure my style matches you ,but other than that it’s about who you really are. It’s a whole lot of work. It’s a whole lot of happy. A few things I didn’t expect. But it’s really reallly not about me. It’s about celebrating whatever happy thing is going on in your life. That’s why I chose the harder route. That’s why I love my job. That’s why I’m so super thankful for all the support I’ve gotten thus far. It’s a privilege to be trusted with those moments and get to witness them 💜 All my clients are amazing and I’m so beyond thrilled I get to do what I love because of y’all. 

Okay so honestly when I set out to write this I didn’t expect to get this in depth with it. Now I’m laughing at myself because I’m sure I sound really ridiculous. It’s fine if you laugh too, because I know I’m a little dramatic sometimes and I know I over explain most of the time. I’m okay with that though because it’s the truth and it’s me. One more little fact about me is that I’m annoyingly honest. I will flat out tell strangers things that they have no business knowing about me just because I feel like I need to be open with people. It’s a real problem. It also reminds me of this interview I was watching of Kristen Bell where she was saying her therapist is always dropping these truth bombs and one of them was “Honesty without tact is cruelty.” and I’m still over here thinking about that like wOaH. 

A N Y W A Y S 

If you’ve read this whole blog post thank you so much for taking the time! You’re basically at best friend level now. Now I wanna know something about you!!! You’re officially not allowed out of it because we’re friends now.  You can comment down below. Hit me up on IG. Email me if you’re feeling all You’ve Got Mail. Even if it’s just a hey I can relate to that then lemme know! 

Much love friend💜


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